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با مراجعه به سامانه در قسمت مربوط به مقالات و پژوهش ها میتوان محتوای بررسی های انجام شده در حوزه بازار کار طی سال های اخیر را مشاهده و دریافت نمود. خروجی LMIA معمولاً شامل کلیه گزارشهای کارشناسی، مقالات و پژوهش هایی  است که به عنوان فعالیت های کاری در دسترس کاربران قرار می گیرد. ضمن آن کهLMIA  تلاش می کند قطب اصلی برای کلیه اطلاعات مربوط به بازار کار ایران باشد. افزون بر این، انتشارات سایر سازمان های دولتی و خصوصی نیز طبق مقررات به اشتراک گذاشته خواهد شد. استفاده از خروجی های این سامانه با رعایت حقوق مالکیت معنوی بلامانع است.

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National Employment Returns (NER) 2018


متن تستی

Environmental Scan: Machinery Equipment and Advanced Engineering Sector Phase 2

Human capital development for an advanced nation is one of the key initiatives among the six strategic thrusts of RMK11 (2016 – 2020). The emphasis on strengthening the skills and experience of TVET graduates, as an RMK11 game changer, will be particularly relevant in the creation of knowledge-based and high-skilled jobs within the Machinery Equipment and Advanced Engineering (ME&AE) industry, driven mainly by the need to keep pace with competiveness requirements, which will demand increasing reliance on automation and mechanization within many manufacturing and services industry sectors. An Environmental Scan on Human Capital Issues within the ME & AE industry was first undertaken in 2016. This is a continuing study to update labour market and industry information in ME&AE sector for 2018. The findings of this updated study will provide a useful guide in curriculum development or upgrading and to trigger efforts to bridge the identified or emerging skills gaps within the ME&AE industry sector in response to any rapidly emerging investment prospect. The scope of the study includes industry trends and prospects, the profile of the current and future workforce, the critical occupations and gaps in the qualifications and skills of the workforce and industry’s interaction with TVET training providers and education institutions. This environmental scan focuses on 2 major industries which are the Machinery and Equipment (M&E) industry and the Engineering Supporting Industry (ESI). The M&E industry covers 3 sub-sectors, which are (1) specialised M&E for electrical and electronics, (2) specialised M&E for oil & gas, and (3) general M&E for material handling & lifting. The ESI industry covers 4 sub-sectors which are (1) machining, (2) mould, tools and dies, (3) metal casting, and (4) surface engineering & heat treatment. This study will adopt a mixture of quantitative and qualitative approaches throughout different stages of the project implementation, including (1) regular consultation and update with key stakeholders, (2) secondary research, (3) firms’ survey, and (4) in-depth qualitative interviews with industry stakeholders. It serves as a platform to provide views and contribute ideas in developing an effective mechanism for training development in response to the current emerging skill gaps/needs.

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